A Round of A-Paws

Helping the world one paw at a time

Helping the world one paw at a time

Welcome to the our 4-H club website!!!!!

Welcome to A Round of A-Paws 4-H dog club! We are a 4-H performance and community service 4-H dog  club, dedicated to helping others and having fun with our dogs.  We use our dogs to reach out to people with disabilities, the elderly and people who are in hospitals and rehab centers or just want cheering up. We take part in community service events to help our world following the 4-H way. Another important part of our club is to represent the 4-H organization in a positive manner.  Our motto is the same as 4-H, "learning by doing" and "to make the best better". We train our dogs with operant conditioning using either a marker word or clicker and positive reinforcement.  We educate the public on responsible pet ownership and dog care knowledge.  Check out our video and photo section to see us in action and please sign our guestbook! Check back often as we are always doing something! If you are interested in joining 4-H check out the Plymouth County 4-H website www.plymouthcounty4h.org

A Round of A Paws receives award!

For our work in supporting the military throughcare packages and public appearances, we received a commendation from the Veteran's of Foreign Wars of America! Congratulations to our members.

A Round of A Paws celebrates our  country's birthday July 4th!

Come see us at the Plymouth 4th of July parade on July 4th at 9:30 am. We will have a float celebrating the canine heroes!


We will be at the First Church of Pembroke Saturday October 15th to have another stuff a truck event for our soldier care packages.  Come see us in action dancing, doing agility, tricks and selling our homemade dog leashes and tug toys. Bring something to give our brave men women and dogs serving our country. Some items are: canned meals, seasonings, sauces, salad dressing, bbq sauce, hot sauce, drink mixes, ziplock baggies for shipping, BABY WIPES, Saline eye wash, toiletries, DUNKIN DONUTS COFFEE is in hot demand, Pringles, Cookies, Canned fruit, protein bars, beef jerky and made in the usa dog treats, xl dog kongs, dog wipes, 

Thank you to Channel 7 For Awarding these wonderful kids the Class Act award!

April 11, 2016, A Round of A Paws received the Class Act award from Channel 7. Christa DelCamp came in person to give it to the members for their community service work! 

Here is the link to the story! Congratulations A Round of A Paws members!



Thank you for your help!

We were able to send 48 care packages to Afghanistan this week thanks to the support of our community! At the Stuff a truck, we raised over $300 to help cover the cost of the postage ($almost 600)! I am sure the soldiers are very thankful for these snacks, dog supplies and toiletries! We heard back from one who was very excited to receive them! This makes 236 so far!!!